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GestDB is a relational database access client that uses the database manufacturer's JDBC connectors to connect to them, as it cannot connect on its own unless it is uses ODBC.

The application can be used in three different ways: in graphical mode, text mode (with basic functions) and batch mode (with limited functions). The graphical mode comes with all the available features and allows you to do many different operations while working with the tool. The text and batch modes, meanwhile, only allow you to connect to databases, launch SQL, export and import data, and view the database table structure.

Some of the managers that can be connected to the application are the following: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Informix, MySQL, Firebird, ODBC, Cloudscape, Cloudscape RMI, Cubrid, DaffodilDB Embedded, DaffodilDB Server, db2 CAE, db2 Universal, Derby embedded, Derby embedded memory, Derby server, firstsql, FrontBase, H2 Embedded, H2 Server, Hypersonic SQL v1.3, HyperSQL embedded, HyperSQL server, Ingres, InstantDB v3.14, Interbase, InterSystems Cache, JTDS Sqlserver, JTDS Sybase, Mimer, oci oracle 8i, oracle 9i oci, Pervasive, PointBase Server, PointBase Embedded, PointBase Micro, postgresql 7.0, SAP MaxDB, Sybase 5.2, etc.

GestDB is full of possibilities and comes with an enormous list of features that will surely satisfy any user's needs.

Java 1.4 and the JDBC driver for the BBDD manager that you wish to connect are required.

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